BKG Mediation Puts Your Family First

BKG Mediation Puts Your Family First

Retain a family lawyer in St. Petersburg, FL and serving the entire Pinellas County area

Filing for divorce is almost always stressful-especially when there are children involved. A family lawyer can make the process less complicated for you and your children. If you need a divorce lawyer in St. Petersburg, FL, you can count on BKG Mediation, LLC. Our lead lawyer, Brian K. Gilroy, has extensive experience handling divorce proceedings, child support negotiations, post-decree relocation matters and even parent-teen mediation.

Do you need to create a will or trust? Your family lawyer can help you with estate planning, too. Call 727-249-7200 now to discuss your situation with a divorce lawyer in St. Petersburg, FL and surrounding areas of Pinellas County.

What influences child support agreements?

Make sure your child has the financial support they need to grow up happy and healthy. A family lawyer will fight for your child's best interest during child support negotiations. Some factors that might influence your child support agreement include:

  • Income
  • Custody arrangements
  • Child care expenses
  • Visitation expenses
  • Health care expenses

Your divorce shouldn't impact your child's well-being. Let a family lawyer help you and your former spouse find a fair solution.