Seek Guardianship of Your Loved One

Seek Guardianship of Your Loved One

Work with a reputable family law firm in St. Petersburg, FL

BKG Mediation, LLC is a trusted family law firm based in St. Petersburg, Florida. If you're seeking guardianship of your loved one, it's important you speak with a family mediator first. Guardianship is common for adults who are disabled or unable to make decisions for themselves. An attorney from our firm will walk you through the process from start to finish and give you sound advice along the way.

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A guardian makes important decisions for another individual

By taking on the role of a guardian, you are responsible for a lot of different decisions. You will have the ability to make decisions about the individual's:

  • Health care
  • Living situation
  • Finances

Before you seek out guardianship of your loved one, consult a family law firm you can depend on to give you informed counsel. Schedule an appointment with BKG Mediation today by calling 727-249-7200.