Protect Your Children During a Divorce

Protect Your Children During a Divorce

Hire a divorce mediator from BKG Mediation in St. Petersburg, FL serving the surrounding areas of Pinellas County, FL

Getting divorced can be an incredibly stressful process for both you and your children. Put your family's best interests first by using a family mediator to settle legal matters. Residents in St. Petersburg, FL turn to BKG Mediation, LLC when they need a qualified divorce mediator. Our lead lawyer, Brian K. Gilroy, will help you find fair solutions to complicated situations.

Whether you need help figuring out child custody or parenting plans, you can count on a divorce mediator to make things simpler. Call 727-249-7200 now to schedule an appointment.

The benefits of mediation services

You don't have to argue about family issues in a tense courtroom. Mediation is the best way to settle your divorce. Here's why:

  • It's significantly cheaper than hiring individual lawyers
  • You won't have to endure a lengthy and expensive trial
  • You'll have access to a neutral party and who will help you settle matters peacefully
A family mediator can help keep things civil-for you and your children. Settle matters peacefully with the help of our law firm in St.Petersburg, FL and serving all of Pinellas county.